Alessandro Caliandro



PhD in Sociology at the Graduate School in Social, Economic and Political Sciences of the University of Milan.  Title of dissertation: The affective labor of consumers regarding the co-creation of value onto the social media. Tutor: Prof. Adam Erik Arvidsson.

I’m currently coordinating the Department of Digital Ethnography at the Media Company Viralbeat (Milano, For Viralbeat I undertook several netnographic researches on behalf of Brands such as: Google, Chicco, Rai, Telecom, Wind, Gazzetta dello Sport, Barilla, Nestlè. I’m co-founder and co-administrator of the following Blogs: Digital Ethnographic Studies ( and Societing ( Also I’m Assistant of Prof. Adam Erik Arvidsson (Sociology of New Media, Sociology of Globalization) at University of Milan.


- 'Une utilisation du consommateur internaute au-delà des communautés de marque: le travail effectif des consommateurs ordinaires sur les réseaux sociaux'.
L'activité des clients : un travail ?  , Sciences de la Société n° 82  © 2012

- July 2007 : Master Degree in Social Sciences – University of Milan. Title of dissertation: Demoniacal Possession in the Catholic Cultural Context: Crisis and Reconstruction of Being.
- January 2005 : Degree in Sociology – University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan.  Title of dissertation: The Myth of the New Man in the Cinematography of Fascism. July 2000 : Diploma (Secondary School with bias towards classical studies).
- July 2011 : Summer School on Digital Methods, held by Richard Rogers (University of Amsterdam, UvA)
- September 2011: Summer School on Digital Ethnography, held by Robert Kozinets (Centro Studi Etnografia Digitale, Salerno, Italy). 


Netnography, Digital Methods, Digital Ethnography, Qualitative Methods, Sentiment Analysis, Narrative Interview, Critical Discourse Analysis, Immaterial Labour, Emotional Labour, Affective Labour, Brand Management, Tribal Marketing, Web Marketing, New Media, Consumer Culture Theory, Cultural Studies, Identity, Anthropology of Health and Religion.